All of us against cancer

All of us are going to be affected by cancer, with 1 in 2 Australians diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. But, all of us can make a difference, too.

Cancer Council SA relies on the generosity of South Australians like you to fund our vital work.

Through your support, we are able reduce the rate and impact of cancer right here in South Australia through research, prevention and support programs that make a difference every day.

Our work is only possible because of people like you. And if we all work together, we can give every one of us a better chance.

Together, it’s all of us against cancer.


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$55 could pay for a 90 minute conversation with a social worker to support a family find strength to face whatever cancer throws at them.
$120 can provide one night of accommodation for someone who lives regionally to stay at Greenhill Lodge to be close to treatment centres.
$166 helps cover the cost of 1 week’s transportation for a regional patient to and from their treatment ensuring they can access the care they need.
$500 contributes to funding a research project focused on finding new cancer treatments.

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