Organise a donation collection at a funeral in lieu of flowers

Many families choose to collect donations at a memorial service or at the funeral in lieu of flowers. If this is something you would like us to arrange for you, we can organise a complimentary In-memory giving pack — which includes 20 ‘in-memory’ tribute cards, a display stand, donation forms and a donation box to be available at the funeral service.

Cancer Council SA will honour and respect your wishes, including if you wish to have your tributes to be used towards a particular type of cancer. Otherwise, donations will be used where they are most needed.

To arrange an In-memory giving pack to be sent, please call 1300 65 65 85 or use our online form below. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

If you are a Funeral service provider looking to order more donation envelope stock, please call our team on
1300 65 65 85.

Most often, donation envelopes are collected by a Cancer Council SA volunteer from the funeral service provider. We are also able to collect from next of kin or any family or friend nominated to collect the donations. You can also use the deposit slip within the pack to deposit cash donations at any Bank SA branch.

To order your pack simply fill in your details on the form below (you will receive a confirmation email):

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We know that cancer is personal. We understand that for some, there is a desire to choose where your money goes and make a donation to a cancer type that's important to you. This is where our cancer specific funds are an option for donors. You can choose to direct your donations to a specific cancer type, or the area of most need.

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