Alicia Jones

F**k Cancer?

This is a shout out to our Mum... To a loving Grandma, To a Daughter or Sister, To an Aunty or Cousin, Or just your friend. Whatever you call her, her name is Karen and she is special to all of us. In Jan 2018 mum was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and in the last 2 years has done everything possible to fight this deadly disease. Her life has been completely changed and yet she has powered through it with a strength I was unaware anyone could possess. Mum has been through unimaginable surgery’s and been dealt with sickening chemo treatment but has never once complained. She loves her life and all that it consists of. We have definitely all learnt a lot about strength and courage from her in these last 2 years. Some people win their fight against this horrible disease, and some people look to the future for a cure or a prevention, if not for themselves, but in the hope their loved ones will have a better chance. To those of you who know me, I don’t run and to go out in public in my undies is not something I’d wish upon anyone under most circumstances. Well get ready everyone, cause I’m about to make your nightmares and join my family in doing just that!! I could not imagine my world without my mum in it and I’m going to do my part to help this become reality. So please, have a heart and open your banks to help me too...or just to get a laugh from me in my undies!! With all my love, to my mum xxx

Will you help me get me strip down to my undies for bowel cancer?

I'm running in Cancer Council’s Undies Run on the 12th of January!

I’m stripping down to my undies and running around Adelaide Oval before an Adelaide Strikers game to raise money for bowel cancer research and support services.

Bowel cancer is currently the second leading cause of cancer death in South Australia, claiming over 400 lives every year.

If I can strip down to my undies in front of tens of thousands of people, you can donate to help make me do it!

Together we can knock bowel cancer for six!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Rosemary Archer

Great work Alicia helping with fundraising, they need every cent they can to help with research, very brave of you too xxx


Robert Mckinnon


Raelene Gaffney

I'd like to see that! You are (all) an inspiration. xx


Jordan Archer

Great work Alicia, sending love to you all xx


Briah Mckinnon


Margaret Mckinnon

I can’t imagine life withou her either. Hope you make it!!


Jaime Will

Much love to you all x


Karen Turrell

Thank you, I love you all and will never give up this fight xx


Lesley Mcdonald

Good on you Alicia - you go girl


Jen Young

Good on you for doing this Alicia.


Alicia Jones