In memory of Alba Teresa Gamboa de Galindo and those who may have experienced the same

By Dayan Perez

Hair gone!!!

I was terrified, but I imagine it is the same feeling for those who discover they have cancer...
Have a look at the photo as unfortunately I couldn't upload it.

Hair cut

You may seemed this post from some days ago. Well it's done!

Thanks to those who already donated and support me with your lovely words.

10/11/21:"I love my hair so much and I imagine how others may feel when loosing their hair to a Cancer treatment. For this reason I would like to not only raise money, but also sacrifice something that I love. Please support me in this journey."

In memory of those loved ones

In memory of someone special, I'd like to take the opportunity to make a real difference to individuals and families who are impacted by cancer. I would like to honor them by not only giving something that I treasure a lot, but that would be more helpful for someone else, my hair. I want you to company me in this journey and support my cause.

Cancer Council SA is a community funded organisation and rely on our support to fund ground-breaking research and support programs and services. All the money raised will directly support South Australians impacted by cancer and every dollar will make a huge difference. Together we can support Cancer Council SA as they continue to work towards a cancer free future. Thank you for your support.

Thank you to my Supporters



Thanks Kim It’s very kind of you for supporting all people affected by this disease. Thanks a lot again.



You're always looking for ways to help others - bringing joy, connecting people, volunteering, and now this. Thanks for being so wonderful Dayan, lucky to know you


Roselyn Lepore


Ben Woodd


Sandra Arch

What an inspiration you are, well done Dayan. Memories of my mum and many girlfriends who went through this, along with their fight against cancer.


Gerard Mcgrath

Dont stress it will look great. Ive been bald, ive even done it to two others (girls with long blond hair).


Anthony & Michele Kittel

A great cause Dayan. Well done!


Ioana Oliphant


Luigi Lombardi

You are a very brave woman.



Gracias preciosa por este hermoso detalle.


Surenzo X