Ray Cockshell

Why are we here?

Just over 6 years ago we lost my potential son-in-law to this dreadful, wasting disease, 2 days before his 26th birthday. "Get Busy Living" was his catchphrase, and he certainly did - dragging everyone into his antics.

He made the first Undie Run in a wheelchair, and I pledged then to continue to participate in the event to raise funds to find a way to beat this beast.

Help me, please. We've raised over $1,200 a year since then, a target I trust we can achieve again.


Will you help me get me strip down to my undies for bowel cancer?

I'm running in Cancer Council’s Undies Run on the 12th of January!

I’m stripping down to my undies and running around Adelaide Oval before an Adelaide Strikers game to raise money for bowel cancer research and support services.

Bowel cancer is currently the second leading cause of cancer death in South Australia, claiming over 400 lives every year.

If I can strip down to my undies in front of tens of thousands of people, you can donate to help make me do it!

Together we can knock bowel cancer for six!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stacky Stacky

Well Done Mate. True Donnybrook !



Well done mate


Lynda Cockshell

Keep on running, Proud of you.


Kim Macdonald

Hi Ray, somehow this got past me until after the event - but it's never too late to donate!! Thank you for everything you do in the fight against this shitty disease. 'Get busylivng!'


Webber Insurance Services

Good luck Ray! I lost my mother-in-law to bowel cancer in 2018 & my wife has done the Undies Run the past 2 years, but we are away this year so happy to donate to your cause!


Noel Brodie

Hearing your story broke my heart. Run like the wind.


Roz Newstead


Elle Cockshell


Phil Dieckmann

Keep running Ray... great cause to support!


Allan Kerber

Good luck Ray.


Jeff Gwatking

Keep up the good work Ray


Tim Windsor


Harry Brown


Pedro Duarte

Good luck Ray!


David Hurst


Mark Thesinger


Dave & Michelle Cockshell

Well done - so proud of all that you do.


Teresa Dean

Thank you for your generosity in supporting this cause. Best wishes.


Phil Zeunert


John Brereton


John Williams


Andrew Harrington

Great cause Ray, keep it up!


Lyall Dunn


Sue Castle


David Balawejder

Love ur work Ray


Liz Spystrka


Lorraine Darling


Les Kerber


June Sparks


Ray Cockshell