Sun's Out, Bun's Out

Will you help us strip down to our undies for bowel cancer?

We're running in Cancer Council’s Undies Run on the 12th of January!

We're stripping down to our undies and running around Adelaide Oval before an Adelaide Strikers game to raise money for bowel cancer research and support services.

Bowel cancer is currently the second leading cause of cancer death in South Australia, claiming over 400 lives every year.

If we can strip down to our undies in front of tens of thousands of people, you can donate to help make us do it!

Together we can knock bowel cancer for six!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Julie & Phil Shinnick

Great job Skyy! Love you and glad you get to run in your undies xxxooo



Amazing work guys! Have a great time xx


Makella Holden

Go you good thing! Xxx


Doug Shinnick

I'd pay any amount of money to get you in your undies. Proud of you babe!


Lachlan Knight

Love your work xx







10.70 + 15.60 + 1.40. Brilliant set of numbers Skyy xx INSPIRING !


Radhika Mani


Chris Donovan

Great cause Skyy, thanks for doing this, you are so brave :)


Alana Little


Chris Burckhardt


Kathryn H

Good luck guys!


Bruce Milne

What a brave thing to do........Niiice Gary!


Julie Burckhardt


Jake Harris


Skyy Anderson